Words, letters, symbols, and numbers are the basic building blocks of communication. AAWS will showcase artwork from our membership who incorporate, merge and juxtapose these elements into their artwork. Art is a language all its own that unites us all and we look forward to displaying thoughtful works of art which utilize these elements of communication to further their creative efforts.

Artwork entered into this exhibition must incorporate images or ideas associated with words, letters, symbols, and numbers. Examples of work that is eligible for this exhibition include typography, illustration, or paintings that use words, letters, and symbols as graphic elements. Sculptures that incorporate language in form and surface treatments. We look forward to showing your work and if you have any questions about how your work can fit into the theme of the show please ask.

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February March 26 – April 30


Entry Deadline: March 20

Drop off Day: March 21, 12 – 6 pm

Reception: April 6, 5 – 7 pm

Pick up day: May 1, 10 – 6 pm


Please email us your note of intent to Info@AssociatedArtists.org with “Words, Letters, Numbers & Symbols” in the subject line of your email by March 20.

Include the following in with your note of intent.

  • Titles, medium, size and prices of your art.
  • If your work is not for sale, please include the insurance value of the piece.
  • One brief statement about the work you intent to display.