The Community Exhibit Program is a separate members program within Associated Artists. It’s free, but you must sign up to be part of it.

Send your request via the link below.

She will send you information about how the program works.


The Community Exhibits Program puts artwork into businesses and facilities around Winston-Salem, as solo, or two person exhibits, depending on how much artwork is needed to fill the space.

Exhibits rotate on a 3-month schedule: February thru April; May thru July; August thru October; November thru January. Exact dates of the switch are up to the artists to coordinate among themselves and the location, aiming for around the beginning of the starting month.

Depending on the location, 3, 8, or up to 24 pieces or more may be needed. For 20, 24, or 30 piece locations, 2 artists can fill the location. You hang your own work, where nails already exist. Some locations have hanging systems.

About mid-month before the next rotation begins, Myrna will send out an email with the locations available, and how much work is needed for each. Make a selection and reply to Myrna. (First come, first served, but we are working on an advance sign-up sheet.) Myrna will send you the contract and inventory sheet for that location. The signed contract and Inventory sheet should be copied so that the location has a set, you have a set, and a set needs to be sent to AAWS. We provide GALLERY CARDS to fill out and attach to the artwork, or the wall, for sales info.

Myrna has gallery cards, and so does

Contact us for where to get a supply of cards.

As with any exhibit, the artist sets the prices for sales, but it doesn’t HAVE to be for sale. 7% sales tax is added to all sales. The artist will get 70% of the sales price, so keep that in mind when pricing your piece. AAWS will retain 30% commission, and NC gets the sales tax.

Get on the list and be part of the program. Make sure your membership dues are current for 2023, and send your request to: Myrna Mackin.