Share your skills with our art community....

Below are current committee and activity needs. Please consider sharing your talents to promote the visual arts and artists.

Select all committees you are interested in and a member of the AAWS Board of Directors will contact you. Please read the volunteer activity summaries below.

We are a volunteer run organization and we want you to become an active part of the organization!

Community Exhibits Committee
Fills the calendar for the Community Exhibits program and works as a liaison with hosting sites.
Myrna Mackin has done this for 20 years, and while she still loves it, it’s time for others to take over and help out with the management of this vital community resource.
Exhibits Committee
FUN STUFF, the main focus of our association!
Plans all AAWS exhibitions and accompanying events or workshops as needed. This committee creates show themes and titles, recruits volunteers to receive art at the beginning of the show, arrange the art, hang the art and check it out at the end. They help find volunteers to organize and bring food for receptions. Sets exhibition standards for all AAWS shows and plans the calendar, parameters and rules for each show. Organized
We have rotating exhibits in several established galleries. A few people could take over organizing different ones and thus spread out the work. ALSO: find more one-off places to have an exhibit, other than our established galleries.
Finance Committee
Oversees the budget and financial well-being of Associated Artists.
We need some smart, finance-savvy people to help budget our finances and help our treasurer.
If you are, or know a professional accountant who would consider being on our Board of Directors, please let us know.
Leadership Committee
Cultivates and nominates new Board Members and officers prior to the Annual Meeting or as needed. WE ARE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR NEW BOARD MEMBERS who can bring professional expertise and talents, to guide to our group in various ways.
Marketing Committee
This works with the MEDIA TEAM.
Works to spread the news about AAWS mission, exhibitions and events to the community at large. This committee works with board and staff (oops, we have no staff) to implement marketing strategies. Helps design and disseminate marketing materials, create signage and secure media coverage.
Web and MailChimp: Deborah Petermann
Instagram: Susan Powers
Facebook: Skyler Holley
Newspaper: OPEN
Membership Committee
Our most important committee. Works with the officers of the organization  to recruit new members, retain current members, and reclaim inactive or lapsed members.
Programming and Education Committee
Member and Community programs and education events. Some examples:
Artists Instructional Workshops including hanging art, business of art, how to show your work, and technical advice, etc.
Guided gallery tours
Artists supply swap meet
And many more….
Volunteer Committee

Be part of this roster of volunteers that are needed for so many little jobs other than being on specific committees, and it’s fun to meet and work with fellow artists. This is what our “association” is about. The more, the merrier.

  • Art Delivery
  • Volunteers accept artwork as it comes in for a show, check that art is labeled and appropriately presented (ex., wired for hanging), helps fill out gallery cards, collects entry fees if they weren’t pre-paid.
  • Art Installation: Help arrange and hang the artwork.
  • Receptions: Hostess, Donate or help organize food according to new Covid guidelines, help set it up, and/or help clean up after.