AI and Art

If you haven’t seen the latest in AI generated art the following is worth reading. From the New Yorker Newsletter and the article from Artists Network.

AI Art (As Reviewed by Actual Artists)

We are only beginning to reckon with the effects that artificial intelligence will have on the arts, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t have some fun along the way. This week, Adam Gopnik reveals his dalliance with DALL-E 2, a digital-image generator created by the same people who have brought us ChatGPT. Inspired by the way his aging dog watches him while he works, Gopnik asks the A.I. for “an Avedon portrait of a Havanese,” and the machine produces an uncanny result: “The stark expression, the white background, the implicit anxiety, the intellectual air, the implacable confrontational exchange with the viewer—one could quibble over details, but it is close enough to count.” Join Gopnik as he takes DALL-E 2 on a journey through art history, gaining insight into what exactly makes a picture resonate within us, the humans.

—Michael Agger

DALL·E API now available in public beta