Travelog Opening Reception

Opening Reception

March 24, 5:30 – 7 pm

Exhibit dates

March 23, 2023 – June 27, 2023

Masonic Center of Winston-Salem 
4537 Country Club Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27104 

This exhibit features art that is based on the theme  TRAVELOG. The works reflect travels, real or imagined, creatively interpreted by the artists.

2023 – Coldwax Workshop with Kelly Hodges – Postponed

The workshop with Artist Kelly Hodges, orginally scheduled for Saturday March 25th, 1-4pm, at Culture, Has been postponed.

Stay tuned for updates.





Cold Wax Painting is any type of painting that heavily utilizes Cold Wax Medium into oil colors. In its own way, Cold Wax Painting blurs the line between oil painting and encaustic painting. Cold wax medium is an oil painting medium. It is composed mainly of beeswax, with a small amount of solvent to soften it and other ingredients to aid in drying time. It has a soft, paste-like consistency at room temperature and dries to a matte surface. Unlike encaustic processes, it requires no heat to use it. Many luminous and unique effects are possible using cold wax medium.

Call for Art – Spine & Reynolds Gallery – Drop Off Updates

‘Spine Gallery and Reynolds Gallery

All Member Exhibit’

Call for 2D and 3D Art

Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center 

See the Prospectus for important details.

Art Drop-Off Location Announced

Masonic Center of Winston-Salem

April 1 & 2 – 12 – 2 pm

Note: All artwork will be transported in members vehicles to the Medical Center on
Monday, April 3rd. (Transport Team meet at Masonic Center April 3, at 10:45am)

Please Protect you’re 2-D artwork for handling and transportation and make sure your
art is labeled and the label is securely attached to the back of you’re artwork. Fill out
inventory card and drop off with you’re artwork.
3D artwork should be wrapped, boxed and the box labeled with an Inventory Card.

SPINE GALLERY is an All-Member, 2D exhibit space at Atrium Wake Forest Baptist Health.  Its corridor is traveled by hundreds of people daily.

Spine 2023 is limited to the first 50 entries received by the deadline of midnight, Sunday, March 26th. Members can enter up to two (2) pieces of art.

Reynolds Gallery Case is a large, secure, glass case Exhibit for 3D artwork at Atrium Wake Forest Baptist Health.

The Reynolds case is limited by the size of artwork submitted.  Each artists will submit a body of work. Small artwork, ie: Jewelry, will allow for more pieces to create a “body of work” . Larger artwork, ie:  sculpture, will require fewer pieces to create a “body of work”.  Artists will be notified of acceptance as entries come in.

Call for Art – 2023 Spring and Summer – Benton Convention Center

 Curated Fine-Art – Member Exhibition

Salem Gallery – Benton Convention Center

April 24 through Late August 2023

Benton Spring/Summer 2023 Curated Member Exhibition

CALL FOR ENTRIES to hang art in a highly-visible exhibit space in the “Salem Foyer” on the main floor of The Benton Convention Center. The AAWS Member exhibit walls are on the right-hand side of the Salem Foyer, from the parking-garage-walkway entrance, to the windows of West 6th St. The space is well-suited for very large 2D art, but all 2D work will be considered. The exhibit runs through the Winter into Spring but there is NO required theme at the Benton. Entries will be selected by a committee of AAWS jurors who will curate the show. Selections are limited to approximately 15-25 pieces depending on size.

Important Dates:

Exhibition Dates: April 24, 2023 – Late August 2023

Entry Deadline  – Monday April 10th
Artists notified of committee’s selections – no later than Tuesday April 18th
Drop off at Benton – Monday April 24, 9:30 am – 11:30 pm
Art Pick-up  – Exact date TBD, Late August 2023
See details in the prospectus.

AI and Art

If you haven’t seen the latest in AI generated art the following is worth reading. From the New Yorker Newsletter and the article from Artists Network.

AI Art (As Reviewed by Actual Artists)

We are only beginning to reckon with the effects that artificial intelligence will have on the arts, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t have some fun along the way. This week, Adam Gopnik reveals his dalliance with DALL-E 2, a digital-image generator created by the same people who have brought us ChatGPT. Inspired by the way his aging dog watches him while he works, Gopnik asks the A.I. for “an Avedon portrait of a Havanese,” and the machine produces an uncanny result: “The stark expression, the white background, the implicit anxiety, the intellectual air, the implacable confrontational exchange with the viewer—one could quibble over details, but it is close enough to count.” Join Gopnik as he takes DALL-E 2 on a journey through art history, gaining insight into what exactly makes a picture resonate within us, the humans.

—Michael Agger

DALL·E API now available in public beta