Artwork Eligibility

All work entered in AAWS Gallery Exhibitions must be original art unless otherwise noted in a prospectus. Mass-produced printed reproductions of paintings or drawings will not be exhibited. Photographers should enter the first edition of a print run. All work must be the exhibitor’s original idea and be created by the exhibitor. Work completed in a class is acceptable only if it was not a general class assignment and was executed solely by the exhibitor without modifications by the instructor.

Insurance & Liability

AAWS will take all precautions necessary to protect the artwork in our possession from harm and we do carry insurance for the duration of our exhibitions (from art drop off date to art pick update). Our insurance policy covers art both at events outside our home location at the Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts and inside the Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts. Works brought before or left after designated dates are NOT covered by insurance. Our policy protects against mysterious disappearance, vandalization, and water/fire damage, but does not cover breakage. Associated Artists is not responsible for artwork that is broken while in our care.  If you have special circumstances regarding art drop-off or pick-up, please contact the AAWS office in advance.