Participating Artists Virtual Exhibits

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  • R.L. Baroni exquisite 3D botanicals and abstracts sculpted in copper
  • Emily L. Cassidy   – refined, realistic pet portraits that reveal the life in colored pencils
  • Cheryl Davis acrylic explorations of the myriad emotions in women’s expressions, demeanor and dress
  • Belvin Evans masterful, maritime acrylics that give form to his lifelong love of sailing and the sea
  • Kirk Fry wonderful, sometimes whimsical, wood and metal sculptures in the form of playable threestring acoustic/electric guitars
  • Barbara Rizza Mellin an Anniversary in Italythat indelibly displays her skill and passion for printmaking
  • Charlotte Munning radiant pieces of raku pottery featuring a broad spectrum of rich copper colors
  • Ellen F. Reece painterly stilllifes and portraits in oil that explore the intriguing interplay of light and shadow
  • Stacy E. Smith acrylic reflections of the emotions evoked by the many moods of the Endless Ocean
  • Jeanette Yarbrough colorful interpretations that capture the feelings invoked by trees in their seasonal variety

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