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Executive Committee 2017-2018

President: Judi Russell – Judi has served as our Vice President for the past year. She is a dedicated member and volunteer of Associated Artists. Judi created and ran the Russell Agency, an organization dedicated to marketing, advertising, and design. She is now a full-time artist and juried member of Associated Artists.

Vice President: Seth Moskowitz – Seth has been an active member of AAWS for many years and his art is a staple in our exhibitions. He is a devoted member of our Board of Directors and a wonderful advocate for our organization.

Secretary: Andy Rinehart – Andy has been our secretary for the past year. He is an attorney with Kilpatrick Townsend and diligently records the happenings at AAWS meetings. As an art-appreciator, he attends as many AAWS events as possible and is an active volunteer!

Treasurer: Philip Egnatz – As an active member of our Board of Directors and Membership Committee, Philip has helped us organize our data regarding membership. He’s an enthusiastic volunteer and will make a great treasurer leading forward.

Board of Directors: (Resumes will be available at the Annual Meeting or by Request)

Edyce Elworth: Edyce has an extensive background in nonprofit management in the Piedmont Triad area. She is the Director of Major Gifts at Forsyth Tech Foundation and a well-known fundraiser in the area. She is an artist who enjoys both painting and photography!

Matthew Ragan: As the Senior Relationship Manager at PNC Bank, Matt has relationships with many community members in the Piedmont Triad. He has built a relationship with AAWS and is a regular attendee to all of our events! He’s an incredible advocate for the arts and AAWS!

John Rushton: As an artist and a community member, John is quite well known. He has a unique flair to his artwork and is eager to engage with other artists! He is always willing to volunteer and help further the mission of AAWS!

By-Laws Revisions

The following are summaries of the revisions to the current by-laws of AAWS. Most are to create consistency throughout the by-laws.

  • General grammatical changes to have consistency throughout the document.
  • General spacing changes to have consistency throughout the document.
  • Article III
    • Section 3 – Language duplicated to Article II.
      • Add: “by email or US Postal Mail and will include instructions for proxy voting.”
      • Remove: “Additional nominations may be submitted in writing to the President of the Board by any member during this seven-day period providing the member has the consent of the nominee.”
      • Add: “If any nominee is unable or unwilling to serve, the Board of Directors shall elect a successor officer by majority vote.”
    • Section 7 and 8 – Combine
    • Section 11 – Remove
      • “Any officer, agent or employee of the corporation may be required to give such security for the faithful performance of his duties as shall be determined by the Board of Directors, who shall also determine custody of any securities given.”
    • Article IV: Membership
      • Change every location where it has an age to “at least 15 years of age”
      • Section 4 (a) – Remove “who is enrolled in a public high school or any other accredited high school or institution of higher learning.”
      • Section 5 (b) – Change the sentence “They shall be recognized in the yearbook of the corporation and honored any other time it can be done appropriately during the activities of the Corporation” to “They shall be recognized in appropriate printed materials of the corporation.”
    • Article V: Meetings of Members
      • Section 1 (a) – Add: And communicated to members in writing (including by email) at least 7 days prior to the meeting. Such communication shall include the slate of officers and directors.
    • Article VII: Standing Committees
      • Section 7
        • (a) The Juried Member Review Panel Shall consist of nine juried members, one of whom is the chairman to be selected by the committee, who are selected by a majority vote of all juried member in person or by proxy. The panel will fill any vacancies on that panel.
        • (b) Add at the end: “A minimum of five panel members shall decide acceptance or rejection of the applicant.”
      • Article VIII:
        • Section I
          • Modify: “shall be sent to the members at least seven days…”
        • Section 2
          • Modify: The bylaws shall be reviewed at least every five years by the Board Development Committee.
        • Article XI:
          • Remove entire article