New Online Exhibit Location

We have fantastic news! The online “virtual exhibits” section of our website will change its location. The new hosted format will include the option for viewers to BUY and PAY for artwork they’d like to purchase with the click of a button.

When the “Online exhibit” link is clicked, the link will now take you to the page where all of the entries for that exhibit will live, on the “Charity Auctions Today” website. All future exhibits will have their own page, where the entries for that exhibit can be viewed, along with all of the information about each piece of artwork.

Current Exhibit: Travelog

Now, in order to purchase a piece of artwork, all you need to do is hit the “Buy Now” button. There, the purchaser will enter their payment information to process the sale. AAWS will be notified of the sale and connect the buyer and seller to arrange for the buyer to pick up the piece. Please note that each exhibitor should be prepared, in the event of a sale, to have a “replacement piece” ready to hang in its place if the buyer is unable to leave the piece for the remainder of the event.

Once each month, AAWS will process and mail checks to artists for their portion of any sales made that month. Currently, we will not be offering to ship, but do see it as a future possibility for branching out beyond local sales.

Several months from now, we will unveil a new website and membership management program, making membership sign-ups and renewals easier and providing you with an artist directory and easy access to event sign-ups and tracking.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if you do not want your work displayed on this site.

Best always,
Vice President AAWS