First Date Saturday, April 14 from 10 am -2 pm

Future dates for Critiques will be added as members sign-up.

AAWS will host individual critiques for AAWS Members. These critiques will be focused on helping provide constructive feedback from seasoned artists on portfolios.  If you are a current member of AAWS and you are interested please email the information below to Steve Mizel at sbmizel@gmail.com
For Juried Members:
1. Each critique effort will involve 3-5 juried members who will commit to:  A) Review five images from a non-juried member requesting a critique; B) Attend a session with the non-juried member during which the individual will present each of the five actual artworks; and C) Provide constructive critiques of the work in the context of a supportive discussion.  Each session should last approximately 1 hour.
For Non-juried Members requesting critiques:
1. Provide five high quality images for review by a group of five Juried Members.  These images should be representative of the artist’s work and thus the artist should not make a special effort to include what they view as their ‘best’ work.
2. Bring the five actual artworks to the critique session.
3. Be a good listener and see Juried Member comments in a useful and constructive light.  Dialog is strongly encouraged.