Share your skills with our art community....

Below are volunteer needs. Please consider sharing your talents to promote the visual arts and artists.

Select all areas you are interested in and a member of the AAWS Board of Directors will contact you. Please read the volunteer activity summaries below.

We are a volunteer run organization and we want you to become an active part of the organization!

Volunteer Opportunities

Membership Team

The membership team reaches out to welcome new members, explain the benefits of membership, answer questions and documents suggestions. They help identify members needs and recommend the development of services to meet those needs. Coordinate a yearly membership drive campaign and cultivate new membership all year long.

Team Leader, Amy Bronson

Hanging Crew

The hanging crew coordinates to hang the artwork entered in each of the exhibits and is responsible for bringing the equipment and tools necessary to get the job done, depending on the needs of each gallery.

Team Leader, (OPEN!)

Exhibition Team

The exhibition team works closely with their team leader to process exhibit entries and create virtual exhibits for each exhibition containing the artwork images and all pertinent information. They decide the exhibit themes and schedule with facilities for art pick up, drop off, hanging.  They schedule, plan and work the opening receptions for all exhibit locations that will allow a reception. They make sure that all dates are posted to shared calendars and all information and event pictures are communicated to the Marketing and Media team for promotion.

Team Leaders-

  • Masonic Center, Wachovia Gallery/MRCA, Marsha Hierl
  • Benton Center Gallery, Amanda Taenzl
  • Atrium-Baptist Hospital/Spine and Reynolds Galleries, Susan Power
  • North Trade Street Arts/Artists Spotlight, Marsha Hierl
  • Community Exhibits Program, Skyler Holley

Programming and Education Team

The programming and education team is responsible for cultivating speakers and presenters, organizing and scheduling Lunch N Learns and workshop programs for members and non-members that inform, educate and entertain. They set up, tear down and work the events.

Make sure all event dates are communicated to the shared calendars as well as the Marketing team. Take pictures at events for marketing purposes.

Team Leader-Susan Powers

Marketing and Media

The marketing team is responsible for all the information getting to the right places.Updating information on the Website, composing emails, publishing the newsletter, taking photos at events, posting to Facebook and Instagram to promote events, writing and sending out press releases, making posters, etc.

Team Leaders-

  • Website – Deborah Petermann
  • Email –  Deborah Petermann 
  • Managing Membership Lists – Deborah Petermann 
  • Facebook and Instagram, Susan Powers, (Need replacement!)
  • Newsletter,  Susan Powers 
    • Digital Publishing: Deborah Petermann
  • Press Releases and Pod Casts, Marsha Hierl

Finance Team

The Finance team is responsible for compiling a budget to present to the board for approval each year, monitoring and reporting on finances and making recommendations on investments to the board.

Team Leader-Joyce Sills